Extinction : A novel

“I heard voices in the valley last night. Didn’t see a fire or flashlight or nothing. I heard ‘em though, talking… I know I did.”

A bit about the book:

In a lonely valley, deep in the mountains, a ranger watches over the last surviving grizzly bear.

With the natural world exhausted and in tatters, Ben has dedicated himself to protecting this single fragment of the wild.

One night, he hears voices in the valley – poachers, come to hunt his bear.

A heart-pounding chase begins, crossing forests and mountainsides, passing centuries of human ruins. Sometimes hunter, sometimes prey – Ben must choose the bear’s fate and his own.

Is he willing to lay down his life for a dying breed?

Is he willing to kill for it?

In addition to your local vendor, here are a few links to pre-order Extinction:

USA: From Blackstone Publishers (print/audio) From Indiebound, From Barnes & Noble, From Amazon (print/audio)

UK: From HarperCollins Publishers UK, From WHSmith, From Waterstones, From Blackwells, From Foyles, From Amazon (print/audio)

Australia & NZ: From Dymocks, From Angus & Robertson, From Amazon (print/audio)

Canada: From Chapters/Indigo, From Amazon (print/audio)

Some reviews and buzz:

“A beautiful tale of hope in the face of hopelessness, Extinction is a haunting nightmare of the future, and a lyrical love song to nature.” – Tim Lebbon, New York Times bestselling author of Eden, The Silence, and The Last Storm.

“With Extinction, Bradley Somer presents an unflinching view of the dangers mankind poses to the natural world, and yet he wraps these horrors in gorgeous and nuanced language. Highly recommended!” – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Kagen the Damned and Relentless.

Release Dates:

UK, Australia, New Zealand, & Commonwealth: Available From HarperCollins Publishers UK

USA & Canada: November 2022 From Blackstone Publishing